Making Money at Home

          Starting Mailing List as a $50,000/Mo. Business on Your Home Computer

This is a real opportunity to make big money, fast and begin your own home-based business 
at your computer. Read the info below and follow the guidelines exactly and you will be on 
your way to making your financial dreams come true! This program was given to me and I'm 
sharing it with you. Give it a chance and you too will make the money you need to get the 
life you want and deserve. I have already seen the money coming in. This program takes very 
little ttime and is really working well. So if you want to make a lot of extra cash and 
start your own business then go for it!


Follow these instructions EXACTLY and in 20-60 days you will have received well over $50,000 
cash in the mail. This program has remained successful because of the HONESTY and INTEGRITY 
of the participants. Welcome to the world of Mail Order! This little business is somewhat 
different than most mail order houses. Your product is not solid and tangible, but rather a 
service. You are in the business of developing MAILING LISTS. Many large corporation are 
happy to pay big bucks for quality lists.

                              Here is the list of names to send to:

   1.Brent Bruschke, 2340 Scenic Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84109 
   2.Ginger Esbenshade, P.O. Box 1964, Sequin, TX 78155 
   3.Rafael J. Melendez, 8532 Shore Dr., Machesney Park, IL 61115 
   4.Scott Baillie, 1865 High St., Lincoln, NE 68502 
   5.Bobby Skeens, RMC Box 1478, PO Box 5006, Ashland, Va 23005

                                        Further Instructions:

   1.Mail $1.00 to each of the five names listed above. SEND CASH ONLY!. 
     (Total Investment: $5.00) Enclose a note with each letter stating: "Please add my 
     name to your mailing list." Include your name and mailing address. This is a 
     legitimate service that you are requesting and you are paying $1.00 for this service.

   2.Remove the name that appears as number one on the list. Move the other four up one 
     position (number 2 becomes number 1 and so on). Place your name, address in the number 
     five postion.

   3.With your name in the number five postion, you may then copy the contents of this page 
     and add it to your own. There are plenty of services that provide FREE webpages. Then 
     publicize your page to all search engines, this too is FREE. You just have to submit 
     it one search engine at a time.

   4.Within 60 days you will receive over $50,000 in CASH!!! KEEP a copy of this file for 
     yourself so that you can use it again and again whenever you need money. As soon as 
     you mail out these letters you are automatically in the mail order business. People 
     will be sending YOU $1.00 to be placed on your mailing list. This list can then be 
     rented to a broker that can be found in your local yellow pages listings for 
     additional income on a regular basis. The list will become more valuable as it grows 
     in size. NOTE: Make sure that you retain EVERY name and address sent to you.

     This is PROOF that you are truly providing a service, and should the I.R.S. or some 
     other gov. agency question you, you can provide them with this proof. Also, before 
     renting your mailing list, most list brokers will usually want to see the actual 
     envelopes and notes that people have sent to you.

     Remember, as each web page is download and the instructions carefully followed, 
     five members will be reimbursed for their participation as a list developer with 
     $1.00 each. Your name will move up the list geometrically so that when your name 
     reaches the number five position you will be receiving thousands of dollars in cash.


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